Services Overview

WordPress Website Creation

These are the main steps that I take for a complete WordPress installation and configuration from stat to finish. Each of these steps have sub-steps as well, and if you are interested please contact me and I can go over the process with you. I have...

Site Diagnosis and Correction

If you already have a website and are needing some help to get it running like it should, we can help you there too. We are very familiar with WordPress and how it works as well as server settings and database issues. Most of the issues that we run...

Graphic Design

Every website has graphic design work that will need to be done at some point. This service goes hand-in-hand with Marketing Material. Sometimes it is a logo or a custom header, other times it could be a the use of Photoshop to edit an image to post...

Marketing Material Creation

We can create a number of different forms of media for marketing depending on your need. There are many different forms of marketing that can be employed both online and offline. An example of online marketing would be a Facebook Ad Campaign, or a...

Social Media Footprint

Establishing an online social media presence is important for your site, depending on your goals. The common platforms are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo and Twitter. It certainly is not necessary for you to have all of these active, but it is a...

Google Maps Integration

If you are looking to get the most out of your business, having a map marker on google is a great start. Having your business address registered to google will allow you to have your business name listed on Google Maps and allow people to get...

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