How long does it take?

The timeline to get your website online is of the utmost importance. There is a lot involved in getting your website online, functional and looking the way that you want. The more time I have to work with graphics, and to test out code, the better your site will be. As a ballpark figure, a website usually takes around a month to fully long as I have all of the graphic "assets" that I need.

The timeline of your website can be as fluid as you want. You can set a definite day that you want it done, or you can leave it more open. If you are looking to have a single splash-page for your business with basic contact information...that can be completed in a day or two. It you're looking to have 50 interlaced pages with links all over the place...that will take much more time.

The best way to figure out your timeline is to get in contact with me, and let me know what you're planning. It's a free consultation after all...