General answer about what Spare Square Design offers in terms of services.

  • 4 – Plugin Installation

    This step is different for just about each and every websites. The plugins provide your website with different functionality. Some websites require WooCommerce and Stripe to be able to accept credit card payments. Some sites may require an online schedule to allow clients to book appointments. Some sites may require a multi-part that that validates each page. Each and every site has different requirements, and will therefor have a different set of plugins. There are some plugins that should be installed on all sites such as a site cache, firewall and login limiter. A website can have anywhere from 3 - 50 plugins running at the same time. Plugin installation…

  • 5 – Theme Creation

    The Theme of your site is what your site will look like when completed. You can have many themes installed and configured for use, each with a different look and feel. Creation and customization of a custom WordPress theme Theme upload and installation to server as a sub-theme. This allows updates to be made without losing style customization. Modifications to CSS and HTML to attain desired look This completes the Theme of the site. PREVIOUS STEP - Plugin install NEXT STEP - Page creation

  • 3 – WordPress Installation

    WordPress is typically the best platform to use for your website needs. There are cases where it may be preferable not to use WordPress. Installation and configuration of the WordPress platform Creation and configuration of the WordPress database Creation of database user for FTP This would complete the installation of WordPress. The next step is to install/ create a Theme for the site to use.   PREVIOUS STEP - Hosting NEXT STEP - Plugin Install